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An Open Letter to Mattress Retailers (Not an advertisement)

Join leading Doctors in opposing a new law that requires poisonous chemicals in all mattresses. Plus gain benefits for your store

A new law is being enacted nationwide by the CPSC within the next year, and goes into effect in California January 1, which requires all mattresses to resist ignition from open flames. Manufacturers are choosing one of two main systems to pass the test. 1) Boric Acid saturated cotton quilted in just below the ticking. In addition to being an ancient method for fireproofing cloth, we know Boric Acid is poison. It has many known health risks including: genital damage, brain damage, anemia, infertility, birth defects, and death, and at the very least may dry and irritate your skin and lungs.

Our recent science, EPA, and CDC warn of Reproductive, Developmental, and Neurological damage from Boric Acid exposure: “Demonstrated injury to the gonads and to the developing fetus … does cause health effects following acute dermal exposure … has been shown to cause irritation of the upper respiratory tract in humans … Neonatal children are unusually susceptible” Human death has occurred from 2-3 grams. But the real issue is slow poisoning with no external symptoms. About a pound (3) of this chemical is now in new mattresses where we have full body, genital, and breathing contact 8 hours a day for the rest of our lives.

It seems unbelievable that industry and the CPSC are ignoring modern science and putting Boric Acid in the surface of our mattresses, but it is true! Check the mattress Law Tag; if it says ‘Treated Cotton’ it’s likely Boron/Boric Acid, the same as the pesticide H3BO3. This is the most cost effective system. See more quotes, links to sources, MSDS, and rebuttals to what proponents tell you:

2) Modacrylic fibers mixed with polyester are the other system. These are acrylic fibers modified by addition of metal oxide flame retardant chemical. The fiber manufacturer’s MSDS tell us it is “Slightly Toxic” for skin contact, and “Minimize skin contamination … Avoid breathing dust. … Use approved respiratory protection equipment” They admit it has never been tested for toxicology. This system is not acceptable for most people either. Retailers can at least choose their own poison. You have a legal right to demand an MSDS that should tell you the chemicals in the fire barrier system.

“It seems ill advised to expose hundreds of millions of people to a potential health hazard in order to protect a very few.  …. I am absolutely opposed to adding the proposed toxic chemicals to mattresses.” Allan D. Lieberman, MD F.A.A.E.M. “The world has gone completely crazy. Until the powers that be can prove that what they propose for protecting mattresses against fire will not harm a pregnant woman, an unborn baby, an infant, a child, the elderly or a normal male or female they should UNQUESTIONABLY NOT EVEN CONSIDER PUTTING CHEMICALS INTO EVERY MATTRESS. What can we do to stop the nonsense!!! “Doris J. Rapp, MD F.A.A.A., F.A.A.P.  See Boric Acid MSDS:



Here is what you can do: Go to Click on ‘Vote-Fire Politics’ for more information and register your opposition. You will also learn a simple way this law could be stopped in California. Get a bottle of Boric Acid and a MSDS, show it to your customers, and ask them to sign a petition to stop this law. Contact your local media and tell them what you are doing to protect public health. You may get free publicity, which tells people to visit your store to sign this petition. Ethically you want the products you sell to be safe. If we later find harm from these chemicals retailers are likely to be sued as well. Please call me or one of my staff with questions. People in some States have fought for, and won the right to ride their motorcycles without a helmet. With your help we can win the right to keep our mattresses clean and pure.


Mark Strobel
Strobel Supple-Pedic
Phone: 800-457-6442
Fax: 812-282-6528


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Doctors Oppose New Law that puts Poisonous Chemicals in All Our Mattresses (Intro)
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Boric Acid Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Pesticides Linked to Stillbirths
Quotes from other sources
Doctors Quotes on this issue
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What Proponents Say and Rebuttals
Modacrylics -- Metal Oxide Flame Retardant Chemical
What Proponents Say about Boric Acid, and Rebuttals
Cutaway Photo of Boric Acid Innerspring Mattress
Amount of Boric Acid in Mattresses by Size
A simple way to stop this law in California
Hippocrates left us with the admonition: "First do no harm.”
A note to Retailers
What you can do to fight this law


You will see how to contact the Consumer Products Safety Commission directly with Contact Name, Phone, Address, and Email address, plus links for where to buy Boric Acid Bottles and more.

Then please at least vote at: , this issue needs your support!

If you email us please use  Please do not reply to this message as it is only monitored by an automated system.


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