Does the risk of new fireproof mattresses outweigh the benefit?

July 1, 2007, is Final deadline for compliance with the new national fireproof mattress regulation. While the federal regulation has good intentions it creates a new health risk. Does the Risk outweigh the benefit?

The Risk: It requires known acutely toxic and cancer causing chemicals in to be used in the surface of new mattresses to pass the two-foot wide blowtorch open flame test, and it is proven we will absorb theses toxins, to avoid a one in 1.111 million mattress fire risk.

Even new Crib Mattresses contain over half a pound of Poison of Boric Acid (Roach Killer) and Antimony (Arsenic) to meet the regulation. The safety of young children sleeping in these chemicals has never been studied. Except in Europe where scientists proved Antimony leaches through vinyl on crib mattresses, and linked it to SIDS. The US Consumer Products Safety Commission specifically excluded children under age five from their analysis by assuming all will sleep on vinyl sheets due to bedwetting problems, and that this will protect them from the toxic chemicals in their mattresses.

No Labeling Requirements and manufacturers are free to use any chemicals they wish to pass the test: You will never know what chemicals you and your children are sleeping in and absorbing nightly, for your entire lives.

CPSC proved we will absorb 27 times more Poison every night from mattresses (.8 mg Antimony) than what the EPA says is safe (.03 mg), and it is likely we will absorb much more than they predict.

Many MD’s say unsafe, a leading medical school researcher calls the regulation “An Example of Ignorance Beyond Reason.”

Unlike the flame retardant chemicals recently found in American women’s breast milk in growing and alarming quantities, that we initially thought were nontoxic, we already know the chemicals used to fire proof mattresses are acutely toxic and cancer causing, and that Antimony accumulates in the body.

Many people have already reported getting sick from these mattresses. Almost all new mattresses sold nationwide already contain toxins to meet the regulation. Law previously effective in California 1-1-05.

The large innerspring mattress manufacturers asked for and supported this regulation. It will cost consumers 1.11 Billion Dollars annually, and limit liability for mattress manufacturers. In addition to increasing revenue and profit on the same number of units sold, the testing and compliance costs will help keep imports out and put many small competitors out of business. The industry says it is concerned about fire safety.

Fortunately, the law allows Physicians, including Osteopaths and Chiropractors, to prescribe toxin-free mattresses, to those lucky few who learn the truth.


Mark Strobel, a specialty mattress manufacturer and President of Strobel Technologies, says after he could not find a non-toxic and safe system to flameproof his mattresses he led the fight against the new regulation. He started the group and put up the website and generated 800 doctor and public comments against the regulation, and got some news from the San Francisco Chronicle to the Washington Post, and more. But the regulation still passed. Now Strobel offers all kinds of toxin-free mattresses by prescription including both crib and adult sizes through dealers, Chiropractors, and at where you can also learn more about the issue. Strobel says it's all incredible but true. After verifying the facts, a leading non-profit medical journal published Strobel's article. See it at